Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A "Crappy" Dinner

Met JY, JL n Henry for the 2nd time tis week, having crab for dinner. Weather was wet and it was drizzling when we met, felt like a good day to take sth peppery, warm and soupy. Crabs were finger-licking good. Had e famous crab beehoon soup too....but no pictures, cuz was already digging into the black pepper crab when it came ....couldn't wait animore..... =p
With JY around, it was a crappy dinner, no less.

Mooncake Fest Celebrations - Part 2

Went for a stroll along ECP on 25 SEPT, Mid-Autumn Fest itself, a Tuesday nite lor.....真是有雅性 !

My cuppa at McCafe after the stroll, pretty! The conversation wasn't exactly cool though.....It was a silly brain-storming session by JY - to think of silly names for us. We ended up as "tonky boon", "dump-ling", "pimp-ong" ??!!