Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections 2010 & Hello 2011!!

I've took looong leave from this space for months and now think i should do a quick conclusion for the year that just flashed past. So fast that everything's a blur.

Thinking back, it's been a rather eventful year though. Turned 30 (yikes), changed IC (finally feel comfortable enough to show ppl my IC, haha), broke my foot - major event!, went for 2 holidays - HCMC & Tokyo. Hmmmmm, dat's about it i think.....And spent time with my beloved family and my dearest friends, of course. Though we're meeting up a lot less often, i feel that we have not drifted apart. All these may not sound like much to many people but to me, that makes up a pretty good year. :)

Such a lot has happened in 2010 all over the world - more bad than good ones i think...with all the natural disasters and psychopaths/ terrorists that are out to ruin the world. It sends a very clear message to all of us to cherish every little thing around us and not to take anything/ anybody for granted - until it is too late.

So in the new year, i will aim to:

1. be nicer to people around me
2. eat more healthily - which also means to STOP my friends from over-ordering and making me eat more
3. be more environmentally friendly
4. exercise more, or rather start exercising again
5. do something meaningful - haven't thot of what, but something will turn up along the way
6. spend less time at work

The Year starts NOW!! Let's all have a smashing good time :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pink Foot No Good

Pink foot is cool and i kinda liked it till it cost me my taiwan trip. "pretty in pink" thus became "pity in pink". Sigh! So upset but i should have seen it coming- didn't really feel that my foot is ready yet. Luckily the angels from China Airlines & PYO Travels made cancellations & changes in air tix & hotel arrangements a breeze. So helpful they were & that really made me feel loads better. So disappointed 'cuz i had been looking forward to the trip but now have to stay behind. Felt sorry that i couldn't go with my sis & her fren but I hope they will have a really good trip.

It's now 4 weeks since the foot got casted and I seriously don't know how long more my foot is going to remain pink. Doc says fractures in lower limbs usually take around 3 mths to heal so hopefully, i'll take less than that with reiki. Good thing I'm not one to get bored easily and I'm getting pretty good moving around on crutches so all's good. And believe me, there's no pain at all. Everyone seems pretty alarmed to know that I've got my foot fractured & put in a cast. In fact, serious fractures or hairline cracks alike, doc will just cast the affected part. This is to prevent you from using the fractured limb and allow the bone to heal itself. So how long you take to heal will indicate how long the cast needs to stay on. Does it still sound very serious now?

Anyway, I just hope I can get the cast out soon 'cuz I'm really concerned with my right leg now being SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than my left working leg. HELP! I was damn scared when i saw the difference at the doc the other day while waiting to do a new cast. No joke, too disgusted to remember to take a picture but then again, better not scare people further. So now I know it just takes 2 weeks to lose your muscles and turn flabby when you don't do anything. And another 2 weeks to go all soft....Yucks, i shall not continue further, grossing myself out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

All things happen for a reason

An act of stupidity led to a fracture in my right foot. It wasn't a small crack and to think i managed to limp around a whole week before i had it properly diagnosed & put in a cast- quite amazing.

Anyway, i thought the whole process of going to the A&E Dept, having the foot casted & being pushed around in a wheelchair rather fun....heehee. Afterall, it's a first in 30 years but of course, i hope it's the last time too.

Oh yeah, my 2nd trip to hospital earned me a record MC for 2 weeks (the first visit about 5 yrs ago got me 1 week). Not bad at all, though i don't really enjoy wearing a cast for this long. Sigh. On the other hand, this gave me reason to slow down (literally) & take a step back in life. i get to spend time at home, rest more and most importantly, the opportunity to declutter and clear the backlog at work - i feel the stress at work lift off already. For the past half a year or more, work has been crazy. As the work piled up faster than i could clear them, the stress level rose too. I wanted a break but can never find a better time to go on leave. Well, this incident actually gave me the solution. Not a bad thing at all, sans aching armpits.

As i always think: all things happen for a reason. Either you see it or you don't. When things appear to go wrong, we start blaming ourselves and everyone else or getting all stressed up over it and thinking it's the end of the world. No good. What seems bad may not be bad, really. So, it's important to learn to take a step back and discover/ observe the good things that it will lead to, instead of just the bad stuff. There's 2 sides to a coin - always choose the brighter side. Helps to keep one happy and wrinkle-free - so important now.