Monday, October 12, 2009

With a Pinch of Salt

Met up for dinner with the Payco gang for an early celebration of Uncle Lun's bday. Grace suggested a nice little cafe along Tanjong Katong Road. Food is pretty alright and prices are reasonable too. Mrs Dory Garlic-Crusted, Sir Tenderloin, Squid Ink Risotto are definitely worth trying. My Lamb Monsieur was not that nice but then again to be fair, not many places do lamb well.
Dessert choice was rather limited - Choco Lava - a form of warm choc cake with ice-cream, was about the only thing that looks appetising enough to order and it didn't disappoint. Overall, I think the place is nice enough for me to go back & try out the other dishes. & I so like the decor of the place, cute!

Check out their website:

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sis jus came back from her Taiwan trip and among the stuff she brought back. I was highly amused by this:

Always saw this drink in the show, 命中注定我愛你 but never really thought they really sell it. It tastes quite nice too, the ginger taste is not over-powering. In fact, its rather sweet cuz the base is brown sugar with dried longans & red dates. Brought some to our "tea party" cum "sisters' gathering" yesterday and the gals loved it. For those who wants to know where to get it, here's the addresses of the different branches across Taiwan. the first address is the one located in Taipei:

Sis also got me some Jay Chou postcards when she visited the Mr J restaurant.

I thought the packaging was much nicer than the postcards it held. Still, it was a nice momento. :)