Friday, April 16, 2010

All things happen for a reason

An act of stupidity led to a fracture in my right foot. It wasn't a small crack and to think i managed to limp around a whole week before i had it properly diagnosed & put in a cast- quite amazing.

Anyway, i thought the whole process of going to the A&E Dept, having the foot casted & being pushed around in a wheelchair rather fun....heehee. Afterall, it's a first in 30 years but of course, i hope it's the last time too.

Oh yeah, my 2nd trip to hospital earned me a record MC for 2 weeks (the first visit about 5 yrs ago got me 1 week). Not bad at all, though i don't really enjoy wearing a cast for this long. Sigh. On the other hand, this gave me reason to slow down (literally) & take a step back in life. i get to spend time at home, rest more and most importantly, the opportunity to declutter and clear the backlog at work - i feel the stress at work lift off already. For the past half a year or more, work has been crazy. As the work piled up faster than i could clear them, the stress level rose too. I wanted a break but can never find a better time to go on leave. Well, this incident actually gave me the solution. Not a bad thing at all, sans aching armpits.

As i always think: all things happen for a reason. Either you see it or you don't. When things appear to go wrong, we start blaming ourselves and everyone else or getting all stressed up over it and thinking it's the end of the world. No good. What seems bad may not be bad, really. So, it's important to learn to take a step back and discover/ observe the good things that it will lead to, instead of just the bad stuff. There's 2 sides to a coin - always choose the brighter side. Helps to keep one happy and wrinkle-free - so important now.