Monday, December 28, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Went to watch the (free) PAYCO concert at esplanade this afternoon with Runying & yes, being a FREE concert, it was full house. Even the stall seats behind the stage were occupied-i dun remember having this big an audience before or did we? I realised I've not been to the concert hall for a very long time - I dun even remember when was the last time I've been to the concert hall - was it as an audience or performer?

Yellow Envelope's crowning glory is quite impressively, looking shampoo-ad glossy (swish, swish) - no signs of balding yet. The revolting Watermelon is still there, yucks. Anyway, seeing the kids play just bring back fond memories & I still miss the days of playing music together with da gang. I wish we'll somehow have a chance to play together again but STEEL, I'm very glad that we are all still very good frens. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Celebrations -days of no work & all play. Yay!!

Finally, it's come to the last month of the year. For the first time, I'm really glad for Christmas to be here cuz work has been sooooo busy lately & I'm sorely missing the slack days at work when I can FB (& youtube even). Arrggh. Then suddenly from the Monday before Christmas, the number of emails just dropped to a low and I began to feel some peace & quiet coming back to my life again. Oh yeah, & only then I start to feel some Christmas cheer..lalallalalalaaaa....... Shall enjoy while it lasts!!

"Wish Upon A Star" Party. We went overboard with stars!

No, the picture is not upside down, the tree is.

Tang Yuan day. The mini ones are cute! They remind me of the ones we will make during the PAYCO camps. When there are leftovers, we'll always play games & stuff ourselves silly with tangyuans as forfeits.

Christmas Day at latest hangout place- pool on the roof @ Celestia

Went White Rabbit @ Dempsey. Nice place with gigantic tables & chairs. Too bad there was a wedding held indoors so we were restricted to outdoor seats. Didn't get to see how it looked inside. But anyway, I liked the souffle with apricots, almost finished the entire thing myself. Hmmm, on second thots, not so sure if it's really dat nice or cuz I haven't had souffle for a long time :-p