Sunday, May 27, 2007

G.S.S. Starts

Wow...GSS is here before I even knew it.....N i was realli in a good shopping mood...lalala....Did up a "shopping list" before i went out so that I wun overspend - so much. Haha, I supposed it did help a bit. Well, the damage is quite a bit but well, guess i can say it's $$ well spent cuz i'm really pleased wif my buys.But i think i should really stay away from e shopping malls from now on. It's still a long way before THE SALE ends, dangerous sia.

Enjoyed the day...good shopping wif good food. Tried out Changing Appetite for the first time n I will say I rather like it. Food's interesting and "slightly healthier" cuz most dishes had veggies or fruits. Price's reasonable too. :)

This was the dobinmushi i had at Sushi Tei for lunch....its good and so was e salmon mentai sushi......but i was busy eating by then, so no pix. :p

Dinner at Changing Appetites:
My pork steak wif mashed potatoes

Xinyi's dory fish wif rice

Anqi's mango chicken wif melted cheese and nachos...The ultimate comfort food!

Day Dream 240507

Went to visit client at The Berth by The Cove @ Sentosa Cove again. Wat a nice place wif a nice view! Will be nice to own a place a place for a weekend retreat....hmmmmm.....