Sunday, May 27, 2007

G.S.S. Starts

Wow...GSS is here before I even knew it.....N i was realli in a good shopping mood...lalala....Did up a "shopping list" before i went out so that I wun overspend - so much. Haha, I supposed it did help a bit. Well, the damage is quite a bit but well, guess i can say it's $$ well spent cuz i'm really pleased wif my buys.But i think i should really stay away from e shopping malls from now on. It's still a long way before THE SALE ends, dangerous sia.

Enjoyed the day...good shopping wif good food. Tried out Changing Appetite for the first time n I will say I rather like it. Food's interesting and "slightly healthier" cuz most dishes had veggies or fruits. Price's reasonable too. :)

This was the dobinmushi i had at Sushi Tei for lunch....its good and so was e salmon mentai sushi......but i was busy eating by then, so no pix. :p

Dinner at Changing Appetites:
My pork steak wif mashed potatoes

Xinyi's dory fish wif rice

Anqi's mango chicken wif melted cheese and nachos...The ultimate comfort food!

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