Thursday, November 27, 2008

SG Biennale 08 - South Bridge Development

Taking some time to post the pictures taken at the second location of the Biennale for 2008 - South Bridge Devt. This piece of land will, unfortunately, not be restored/preserved but soon be re-developed into shopping malls, hotels...etc.

Taken from Shaw Towers carpark

Among collected mess

Charcoal door. There were no lighting in the buildings. Lightbulbs were the souce of illumination - which was actualli quite cool.

I love this room.

The white stuff on the ground are all bits n pieces of soap. Spot the little stool n the red basin in the middle.(erm...yah. I think you call that a basin :p) The whole place smells of soap.

Florescent swing.

LV does flooring too?

Sugar rush - that's what happened to the bees and ants....

There was a 3rd location of outdoor art installations that I really wanted to see but had to miss due to time constraints. But anyway, still glad to have caught most of the Biennale08. Some of the pictures are really quite blur cuz of the lousy camera phone I'm using now. Sigh, i really miss my SE K800i badly and I'm surprised that i can miss a non-living thing this much. Am contemplating getting a digital cam but still think a camera phone is more convenient cuz I can just pick it up n shoot. But there doesn't seem to be any decent cam-phones that meet my criteria in the market now and it's dumb to get myself another k800i, duh. What a headache.......can SE read my mind and come up with something that I want, please???? Minus the stupid charging point problem, thanks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Home alone?

I just realised that this weekend, all my usual hangout kakis are going to be out of town; the shopping ones, the "starbucks gang"......well, almost all. Is this good timing or wat?

Better start making some plans or I'll waste my weekend away. No way man.....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Afternoon Tea again

Had tea with my longest-known friends (shall not use the word "old") at Sheraton Hotel last Sunday. Pretty good and it comes in a set so you don't have any chance to overeat. There's a one-for-one promo with Citibank cards, so it's really quite a good deal. :)

Our spread

Set for 2

With Anqi, my longest-known friend from Kindergarden 2! Come to think of it, we have not taken a picture together since....primary school maybe?

The four of us.....since 1987.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Busy Saturday of a tai-tai

Had an enjoyable Saturday with activities I will be doing when I'm a full time tai-tai - high tea and visiting an arts exhibition. =)

Attended Yvonne's ROM party at Old School. Nice, nostalgic place- plain old school lor. It was a simple, fuss-free event for the couple. ROM ceremony , cocktail, simple finger food served, retro/ jazz music in the background, friends catching up, photo-taking. It was definitely more relaxing for everybody....Nice.

Had to walk down the longest flight of stairs in order to reach The Cathay at the foot of Mt Sophia, and that was supposed to be a short-cut. I supposed they made it a sheltered stairway in view of wet weather but don't feel good walking in that descending tunnel- claustrophopic.

Indulged in English-style high tea buffet at Hyatt in the afternoon. Love the scones! Though selection was not wide, i definitely stuffed myself full - taking care of both lunch and dinner at the same time. Felt that I was too greedy after that.

Went for some "exercise" after that, at the Singapore Biennale held at the City Hall. Interesting exhibits but there were some a lot of video clips that were super s-l-o-w and I didn't understand what was going on -too arty. But for S$10 entrance fee, you could well get your money's worth if you went through all the exhibits and sat through ALL the videos/movies even. You can spend a whole day in there definitely.

It's a bird's eye view of Singapore. Or at least my photo shows more of the South and East of SG. The white parts are all stickers with comments by people who attended the exhibition. It was all fun searching for where our homes and schools are and also reading the silly but innovative stuff people wrote.

Alien invasion? This cleverly makes use of the Supreme Court as a backdrop. Looks like an UFO rite?

Tiny wiry plants on a bed of fine sand.



Finally....... i got my much needed massage last Friday. Left shoulder was aching the whole time, I even considered using Salon Pas, old le.

Immediate relief after the massage, but as I kept having to remind myself to relax my shoulder muscles cuz they seem to go into auto-tense mode by default.....very bad, very bad. Which is why I ended up with this:

I have joined the "Package Gang". =) In bad times, packages offer "bulk discount" for repeat purchases/services if you share among friends. For this, the package price is $10 off the usual price! So for the greatest good of all, muz sign up. Looking forward to my next massage session!