Monday, December 28, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Went to watch the (free) PAYCO concert at esplanade this afternoon with Runying & yes, being a FREE concert, it was full house. Even the stall seats behind the stage were occupied-i dun remember having this big an audience before or did we? I realised I've not been to the concert hall for a very long time - I dun even remember when was the last time I've been to the concert hall - was it as an audience or performer?

Yellow Envelope's crowning glory is quite impressively, looking shampoo-ad glossy (swish, swish) - no signs of balding yet. The revolting Watermelon is still there, yucks. Anyway, seeing the kids play just bring back fond memories & I still miss the days of playing music together with da gang. I wish we'll somehow have a chance to play together again but STEEL, I'm very glad that we are all still very good frens. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Celebrations -days of no work & all play. Yay!!

Finally, it's come to the last month of the year. For the first time, I'm really glad for Christmas to be here cuz work has been sooooo busy lately & I'm sorely missing the slack days at work when I can FB (& youtube even). Arrggh. Then suddenly from the Monday before Christmas, the number of emails just dropped to a low and I began to feel some peace & quiet coming back to my life again. Oh yeah, & only then I start to feel some Christmas cheer..lalallalalalaaaa....... Shall enjoy while it lasts!!

"Wish Upon A Star" Party. We went overboard with stars!

No, the picture is not upside down, the tree is.

Tang Yuan day. The mini ones are cute! They remind me of the ones we will make during the PAYCO camps. When there are leftovers, we'll always play games & stuff ourselves silly with tangyuans as forfeits.

Christmas Day at latest hangout place- pool on the roof @ Celestia

Went White Rabbit @ Dempsey. Nice place with gigantic tables & chairs. Too bad there was a wedding held indoors so we were restricted to outdoor seats. Didn't get to see how it looked inside. But anyway, I liked the souffle with apricots, almost finished the entire thing myself. Hmmm, on second thots, not so sure if it's really dat nice or cuz I haven't had souffle for a long time :-p

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How high is your threshold for stupidity?

I realised I have a low tolerance level for stupidity so if i suddenly have an heart attack, you should know why.

Monday, November 2, 2009

i do nothing but eat

Yet another month passed with nothing much accomplished except if you count trying out new food places..........?!

Had put together a last-minute hen party for our dear fren who's getting married soon. Not so much of a hen party but more like a treat for her. Went for foot massage + foot spa (shiok!), followed by dinner at a new restaurant - RakuZen @ Millenia Walk. Not sure how new it was, but it was the first time i came across it. It is located at where Sushi Tei used to be and we later found out that it's affliated to Sushi Tei. Quality of food is pretty good n its got nice decor :)

Sashimi, yum!

We love our greens.

Scallop & salmon Carpacio


Fierce-looking dragon-roll

Xinyi's yakiniku don

Anqi's garlic rice - simple but delicious all the same!

Kushiyaki -Asparagus with pork -- it's not very clear but the dish's more asparagus than pork actually.

Met up with Daphne, Rachel & Cindy for our once-in-along-while gathering. Chose the place mostly cuz the price was decent for the selection (S$20++ for single portion & $32++ for 2 to share) and that I've not tried it before. It was a nice place to laze n gather for a catch-up session with a view of marina bay. I wun consider the view breath-taking cuz afterall, it's just on the 4th floor but still nice - especially when it started pouring so heavily till the buildings in CBD became just blurred outlines - there's a nice cosy feeling to just be sitting indoors watching the rain - ready to zzzzzz......

Here's pixs of our food:

The spread

An additional tray of mini pastries - 2 quiches and 1 chicken puff - good for the hungry souls who come to tea without lunch.

Overall, the variety is good but the food is so-so only. Just like with Melt next-door, i think cakes & sweets are not Oriental's strength. Only a couple of them are good, the rest are average. Another thing i didn't like was that, other than the savoury stuff, the sweet stuff all came in single pieces. So if you are sharing a set, you either had to fight for what you like to eat or spend half the time trying to get your friend to take the piece and her trying to do the same. End result: you both decide to share and risk making a mess out of the cakes as you try to half them when they are already such tiny pieces to begin with.

Think it's nicer there at nite though in terms of view and mood. Shall go back another day. Happy hour comes with complimentary tapas, anyone?

Monday, October 12, 2009

With a Pinch of Salt

Met up for dinner with the Payco gang for an early celebration of Uncle Lun's bday. Grace suggested a nice little cafe along Tanjong Katong Road. Food is pretty alright and prices are reasonable too. Mrs Dory Garlic-Crusted, Sir Tenderloin, Squid Ink Risotto are definitely worth trying. My Lamb Monsieur was not that nice but then again to be fair, not many places do lamb well.
Dessert choice was rather limited - Choco Lava - a form of warm choc cake with ice-cream, was about the only thing that looks appetising enough to order and it didn't disappoint. Overall, I think the place is nice enough for me to go back & try out the other dishes. & I so like the decor of the place, cute!

Check out their website:

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sis jus came back from her Taiwan trip and among the stuff she brought back. I was highly amused by this:

Always saw this drink in the show, 命中注定我愛你 but never really thought they really sell it. It tastes quite nice too, the ginger taste is not over-powering. In fact, its rather sweet cuz the base is brown sugar with dried longans & red dates. Brought some to our "tea party" cum "sisters' gathering" yesterday and the gals loved it. For those who wants to know where to get it, here's the addresses of the different branches across Taiwan. the first address is the one located in Taipei:

Sis also got me some Jay Chou postcards when she visited the Mr J restaurant.

I thought the packaging was much nicer than the postcards it held. Still, it was a nice momento. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zhen1 Shi4 Zi3 Zuo4 Nie4.......

I'm getting sick and tired of organising gatherings. Angry with the idiots who don't reply sms or change their minds last minute - obviously they don't see how frustrating it is to coordinate so many people. Slap these idiots.

Nobody wants to be the organiser so i take up the dirty job 'cuz if I don't, no gatherings will happen and I won't get to see my frens as frequently. But then again, why do I want to meet these idiots who don't appreciate my efforts to organise?! Sigh, unfortunately they are my frens and i still want to keep them despite them being idiots.

That aside, have to say I still have a very nice bunch of friends who totally understand how #!@%!!~!!! it is to make just a simple dinner meet-up happen. Love you guys and I will be more than pleased to arrange any meet-ups with you any time.

Meanwhile, I want to take leave as an organiser for time indefinite. During this time, please ask me out cuz I wun be doing the asking. :p

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wassup?? Huh? Wassup???

Well, well, well......
Just when i felt that I had procrastinated enough and decided to start putting up my stuff on EBay for sale, the website doesn't allow me to load my photos.
Just when i am finally in the mood to blog, I suddenly realised I do not have the options to post my pix anymore.

I used to think it was bad that it takes so long for me to load my pictures on blogger - don't ask me why, it's just like this for me, I am cursed in IT. It is in fact worse now - I can't even attempt to load the pix, not even when I wanted to try. :(

Arrrgggghhhh.........! The Internet is against me! Great......I shall continue to online shop and blog-stalk others. Bleah!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Constant & The Changing

Different heights, different time, different occasions, different weather, different views from the same building. Spot the difference.

Same same but different

Today, the few of us met up for afternoon tea to celebrate Serina's bday. As we get busy with different aspects of our lives, we meet up less often as compared with 10 years ago. Inevitable, but now, it makes me cherish each meet-up that happens - which occurs usually cuz of someone's bday or some festival/ public holiday.

It was a nice outing, nostalgic as we met up at DOME cafe at Marina Square - a place where we use to frequent for afternoon tea on weekdays or dinner after PA practices on Saturdays. It was like the good old times again - the usual order of potato wedges and ice mocha with gelato but yet, this time it was different. We had a little one with us this time. Mummy Sim brought along Baby Z to join us and this elevated all our statuses to "aunties" & "uncles". Time flies man!

This little tot is so cute and was obviously fascinated with his new environment and new people around him that he opened his eyes real wide for most part of our meet-up. Talk about a eye-opening experience, LOL.

Looking forward to the next gathering!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Wonders of Reiki

Can't remember the last time since I sprained my ankle, nor which ankle. :p

Aniway, I was wearing my "new" shoes on Good Friday Eve and being not acustomised to the height, i twisted my ankle accidentally while on the escalator. It didn't hurt at all but i did get a shock though. Feeling lucky i didn't hurt myself, i continued my day happily till late nite at KTV with Helu-trans alumni gang.

It all started when I had a chance to sit down at the coffeeshop at 201 for supper. I thought i should reiki my ankle a bit as I was sure it must have been hurt somehow though there was no pain at all. About an hour later, i suddenly felt pain in my left ankle and foot - er...the same kind of sore and swollen feeling you get when you sprain your ankle. Super bad, I had to limp home. Good thing was, it was just from the carpark and up to my place since Benny drove me back and it was 3 am at night so nobody saw me limping....hahaha.

Back home, I could really feel the pain now. I was hopping around the house on my good leg as i couldn't put my left leg on the floor. Basically, I couldn't move it without feeling pain. When I finally made it to bed, I curled myself up so i could clutch my ankle and reiki it. Quite painful that I didn't really sleep very soundly like I usually do.

Well, it was all worthwhile curling up the whole night in an awkward position clutching my ankle - the throbbing pain was gone by morning though it still hurt a bit when I walked. Ok, I had some external help too - Benny sent me some distant reiki. By the time I was ready to go for the PAYCO alumni BBQ, i could walk reasonably well, just slow. Serina & WM were really nice to come back to Tampines to pick me up though I had planned to take a cab already.

By Saturday, I was walking properly already. Took a train to City Hall myself - did not cab ok.

Amazing huh, my sprained ankle self-healed with the help of reiki in just 2 days! No visit to the sinseh or any bandages/medication. Yes, I agree it sounds like some TV-media commercial but I don't blame you if you find it too good to be true. You've got to experience it to believe it but of course, I'm not cursing you to fall/ hurt yourself, ok. Anyway, whether you believe it or not, I'm still very pleased with how reiki worked!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Mac is alive again!

Yay! After sooooo long, I finally got down to getting a new charger for my apple yesterday. So yong xing liang ku...brought my laptop down to Sim Lim in the sweltering heat but it was all worth it. My Ping Guo is up n kicking again!!! Am so glad its just a charger problem and not my Ping Guo turning rotten cuz getting a new one means $$$$$!

Tiring weekend but I am mighty pleased with my buys @ e bazaar sale at H & S but its a dangerous place for even the most rational shopper. If you stay long enough, you're bound to find something to buy somehow or another even though you have been through the whole shop for the n-th time - just like me but I'm sure I' m not alone. :) People take on a double identity- they are the seller and, the buyer too. N everywhere you go and anything u touch, everyone just gushes - oooh, dat's so nice, it looks soo good on you, its a good buy......etc, its just such a conducive environment to BUY, BUY & BUY. The whole place just feels like a "shopaholics anonymous" gathering!

Looking at the damage, I tell myself I really should not be shopping again for the next 1 to 2 months. Everyone, please be a kind soul and remind me if I attempt to buy anything that is Not A Necessity. As you know, I have a lousy memory. ;p

Wednesday, March 11, 2009




迷宫 我走不出去

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Monday, February 2, 2009

First Post of the Year

First post of the year - for both 2009 n Year of the Ox. Despite the not so positive stuff that's been happening recently, do be reminded that there are wonderful things that are happening too. May this year be a good one for everybody. :)

Yepz, it has been almost 2 months since the last post. Angel X has been busy..........and lazy too.

Busy enjoying herself.This 2 mths have been a wonderful time - Angel X loves ALL her friends! ;)

Lazy to blog and post pics. But new year, new start. Angel X will try to accomplish more and stop procrastinating (so much). Updates will soon be up :)