Monday, April 6, 2009

My Mac is alive again!

Yay! After sooooo long, I finally got down to getting a new charger for my apple yesterday. So yong xing liang ku...brought my laptop down to Sim Lim in the sweltering heat but it was all worth it. My Ping Guo is up n kicking again!!! Am so glad its just a charger problem and not my Ping Guo turning rotten cuz getting a new one means $$$$$!

Tiring weekend but I am mighty pleased with my buys @ e bazaar sale at H & S but its a dangerous place for even the most rational shopper. If you stay long enough, you're bound to find something to buy somehow or another even though you have been through the whole shop for the n-th time - just like me but I'm sure I' m not alone. :) People take on a double identity- they are the seller and, the buyer too. N everywhere you go and anything u touch, everyone just gushes - oooh, dat's so nice, it looks soo good on you, its a good buy......etc, its just such a conducive environment to BUY, BUY & BUY. The whole place just feels like a "shopaholics anonymous" gathering!

Looking at the damage, I tell myself I really should not be shopping again for the next 1 to 2 months. Everyone, please be a kind soul and remind me if I attempt to buy anything that is Not A Necessity. As you know, I have a lousy memory. ;p

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