Friday, April 17, 2009

The Wonders of Reiki

Can't remember the last time since I sprained my ankle, nor which ankle. :p

Aniway, I was wearing my "new" shoes on Good Friday Eve and being not acustomised to the height, i twisted my ankle accidentally while on the escalator. It didn't hurt at all but i did get a shock though. Feeling lucky i didn't hurt myself, i continued my day happily till late nite at KTV with Helu-trans alumni gang.

It all started when I had a chance to sit down at the coffeeshop at 201 for supper. I thought i should reiki my ankle a bit as I was sure it must have been hurt somehow though there was no pain at all. About an hour later, i suddenly felt pain in my left ankle and foot - er...the same kind of sore and swollen feeling you get when you sprain your ankle. Super bad, I had to limp home. Good thing was, it was just from the carpark and up to my place since Benny drove me back and it was 3 am at night so nobody saw me limping....hahaha.

Back home, I could really feel the pain now. I was hopping around the house on my good leg as i couldn't put my left leg on the floor. Basically, I couldn't move it without feeling pain. When I finally made it to bed, I curled myself up so i could clutch my ankle and reiki it. Quite painful that I didn't really sleep very soundly like I usually do.

Well, it was all worthwhile curling up the whole night in an awkward position clutching my ankle - the throbbing pain was gone by morning though it still hurt a bit when I walked. Ok, I had some external help too - Benny sent me some distant reiki. By the time I was ready to go for the PAYCO alumni BBQ, i could walk reasonably well, just slow. Serina & WM were really nice to come back to Tampines to pick me up though I had planned to take a cab already.

By Saturday, I was walking properly already. Took a train to City Hall myself - did not cab ok.

Amazing huh, my sprained ankle self-healed with the help of reiki in just 2 days! No visit to the sinseh or any bandages/medication. Yes, I agree it sounds like some TV-media commercial but I don't blame you if you find it too good to be true. You've got to experience it to believe it but of course, I'm not cursing you to fall/ hurt yourself, ok. Anyway, whether you believe it or not, I'm still very pleased with how reiki worked!

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