Sunday, June 7, 2009

Same same but different

Today, the few of us met up for afternoon tea to celebrate Serina's bday. As we get busy with different aspects of our lives, we meet up less often as compared with 10 years ago. Inevitable, but now, it makes me cherish each meet-up that happens - which occurs usually cuz of someone's bday or some festival/ public holiday.

It was a nice outing, nostalgic as we met up at DOME cafe at Marina Square - a place where we use to frequent for afternoon tea on weekdays or dinner after PA practices on Saturdays. It was like the good old times again - the usual order of potato wedges and ice mocha with gelato but yet, this time it was different. We had a little one with us this time. Mummy Sim brought along Baby Z to join us and this elevated all our statuses to "aunties" & "uncles". Time flies man!

This little tot is so cute and was obviously fascinated with his new environment and new people around him that he opened his eyes real wide for most part of our meet-up. Talk about a eye-opening experience, LOL.

Looking forward to the next gathering!

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