Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Zhen1 Shi4 Zi3 Zuo4 Nie4.......

I'm getting sick and tired of organising gatherings. Angry with the idiots who don't reply sms or change their minds last minute - obviously they don't see how frustrating it is to coordinate so many people. Slap these idiots.

Nobody wants to be the organiser so i take up the dirty job 'cuz if I don't, no gatherings will happen and I won't get to see my frens as frequently. But then again, why do I want to meet these idiots who don't appreciate my efforts to organise?! Sigh, unfortunately they are my frens and i still want to keep them despite them being idiots.

That aside, have to say I still have a very nice bunch of friends who totally understand how #!@%!!~!!! it is to make just a simple dinner meet-up happen. Love you guys and I will be more than pleased to arrange any meet-ups with you any time.

Meanwhile, I want to take leave as an organiser for time indefinite. During this time, please ask me out cuz I wun be doing the asking. :p