Monday, November 2, 2009

i do nothing but eat

Yet another month passed with nothing much accomplished except if you count trying out new food places..........?!

Had put together a last-minute hen party for our dear fren who's getting married soon. Not so much of a hen party but more like a treat for her. Went for foot massage + foot spa (shiok!), followed by dinner at a new restaurant - RakuZen @ Millenia Walk. Not sure how new it was, but it was the first time i came across it. It is located at where Sushi Tei used to be and we later found out that it's affliated to Sushi Tei. Quality of food is pretty good n its got nice decor :)

Sashimi, yum!

We love our greens.

Scallop & salmon Carpacio


Fierce-looking dragon-roll

Xinyi's yakiniku don

Anqi's garlic rice - simple but delicious all the same!

Kushiyaki -Asparagus with pork -- it's not very clear but the dish's more asparagus than pork actually.

Met up with Daphne, Rachel & Cindy for our once-in-along-while gathering. Chose the place mostly cuz the price was decent for the selection (S$20++ for single portion & $32++ for 2 to share) and that I've not tried it before. It was a nice place to laze n gather for a catch-up session with a view of marina bay. I wun consider the view breath-taking cuz afterall, it's just on the 4th floor but still nice - especially when it started pouring so heavily till the buildings in CBD became just blurred outlines - there's a nice cosy feeling to just be sitting indoors watching the rain - ready to zzzzzz......

Here's pixs of our food:

The spread

An additional tray of mini pastries - 2 quiches and 1 chicken puff - good for the hungry souls who come to tea without lunch.

Overall, the variety is good but the food is so-so only. Just like with Melt next-door, i think cakes & sweets are not Oriental's strength. Only a couple of them are good, the rest are average. Another thing i didn't like was that, other than the savoury stuff, the sweet stuff all came in single pieces. So if you are sharing a set, you either had to fight for what you like to eat or spend half the time trying to get your friend to take the piece and her trying to do the same. End result: you both decide to share and risk making a mess out of the cakes as you try to half them when they are already such tiny pieces to begin with.

Think it's nicer there at nite though in terms of view and mood. Shall go back another day. Happy hour comes with complimentary tapas, anyone?

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