Friday, December 31, 2010

Reflections 2010 & Hello 2011!!

I've took looong leave from this space for months and now think i should do a quick conclusion for the year that just flashed past. So fast that everything's a blur.

Thinking back, it's been a rather eventful year though. Turned 30 (yikes), changed IC (finally feel comfortable enough to show ppl my IC, haha), broke my foot - major event!, went for 2 holidays - HCMC & Tokyo. Hmmmmm, dat's about it i think.....And spent time with my beloved family and my dearest friends, of course. Though we're meeting up a lot less often, i feel that we have not drifted apart. All these may not sound like much to many people but to me, that makes up a pretty good year. :)

Such a lot has happened in 2010 all over the world - more bad than good ones i think...with all the natural disasters and psychopaths/ terrorists that are out to ruin the world. It sends a very clear message to all of us to cherish every little thing around us and not to take anything/ anybody for granted - until it is too late.

So in the new year, i will aim to:

1. be nicer to people around me
2. eat more healthily - which also means to STOP my friends from over-ordering and making me eat more
3. be more environmentally friendly
4. exercise more, or rather start exercising again
5. do something meaningful - haven't thot of what, but something will turn up along the way
6. spend less time at work

The Year starts NOW!! Let's all have a smashing good time :)

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