Sunday, February 25, 2007

C.N.Y 2007

Phew, finally!! This is a difficult post lor. Apart from the usual CNY routine of visiting relatives, munching on new year goodies(yum!), watching TV, playing blackjack....etc, here's wat I did:

Cocktail party @ Yvonne's place. We got to mix our own drinks wif her new ice blender which she is extremely proud of. She even had a makeover for her porch, with an orange accent wall and new daybed - 'secret garden' feel.....effort wor. So now we've found a great place in the east to chill out le. =)

See me and my very own concoction: lemon ribena cocktail =)


Anqi with her creation.

Jodie mixed a nice one too, however, due to violet objections from the model herself, i regret to announce that the pix cannot be published.

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Jodie said...

haha... 对了。。。my face shall nvr be identified.