Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Non-Existent Problem

It gets kinda irritating when U start hearing the same things one time too many. People have been going, Oh, how old r u this yr......." "Hmmmm, u have a boyfriend?" " Oh, dun have?! R u sure? Dun bluff......really meh??" " Huh, then how?" [ read: u're getting old, if you dun get hitched soon, u'll be left on the shelf wor, duh]

Oh well, first, there's really no need for me to bluff people that I dun have a BF. It's no fun having ppl ask u these silly questions again n again. Secondly, if I can find a decent guy who fits e bill n who fancies me, I dun mind being the other half of a couple. At least it stops e nonsense.

And to the kind souls who offered to introduce their friends, or their friend's friend to me, thanx but no thanx. I understand the kind intentions but I dun need to own a BF to exist. Somehow the idea of "match-making" doesn't sit well with me. It feels too intentional, I prefer to make frens in a more natural setting.

In reality, I'm really fine being single. Well, I would rather be single and happy, then to be attached to some sub-standard guy. Call me choosy if you like, but hey man, a girl can have her choice ok, n I just can't settle for less.

I think even Angels will agree with me on this ;p


cynamie said...

i second ur thot!! hehe.. moreover, i have Clyde to bother about now..

lilaclilies said...
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lilaclilies said...

i couldnt agree better. Men.. a pain in the ass, a thorn in the flesh and a bane to my life. i much rather do without.

mien said...

Agree! C'mon in this era, we have freedom of choice. In the past people need to get hitched early cuz the girls don't get to have education.

Rather without than with someone you don't like. but then again, hope you will meet your prince charming too =P


Anonymous said...

ya lor !!!

Angel6 said...