Sunday, April 15, 2007

Event PAYCO: feast by the sea 060407

A PAYCO gathering on Good Friday- we met for a picnic at Pasir Ris park for a change, a picnic in the evening. Man, taking a look at past pix, our last picnic together was in 2001, at East Coast Park......6 years ago!

We had lots of food: cereal prawn, meatballs, curry puffs, agar agar, sandwiches, salad, fruits, chips, choc cake....etc. By the time we called it a day, it was already dark. But we managed to clear most of e food, think our estimate on e amount of food we should bring is getting better with the years of practice..haha. The turnout was great but too bad, didn't manage to get a grp photo of ALL who came. I think all of us enjoyed ourselves. Will try to organise another outing....maybe sth different and interesting, but its realli difficult leh...have to think really hard. Anyone any suggestions? =)

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Alex Fletcher said...

the pix are down..