Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lousy weather thwarts our plans

(PSA giraffe looking at the sad, gloomy sky: when will it stop raining?")

It's scary how wandering aimlessly around in a shopping mall can result in me burning a bigger hole in the pocket without realising it. I really should stay home on weekends. But it was a lousy day for me aniway. If it had not rained, we would not have trapped in a money-sucking shopping mall.

Gains = yummy pizza at modestos n marche + "Life & Beauty" tea that smells rich and beautiful + useful little stuff from Daiso + stylo notebook from Tangs

Loss = $$$$$ + a nicer tan at cafe del mar :(

Red, White & Pure
Beautiful cafe with sentosa view. N wow-wow surprise! It's actually owned by Eu Yang Sang! Check out the website:

The latte is so pretty that I had to take a picture of it.

Life & Beauty tea - with mango and passion fruit. It really taste different from other fruit teas I have tried before. Not sure if it does any wonders for my appearance but it is really nice.
Apple crumble tart with ginger and saffron ice-cream - interesting with a "healthy taste".

Our dinner spread at Marche ViVo, its been a looong time since I ate at Marche.

Tried a pie-like dessert called "waehe"...reminds me of e yummy bread&butter pudding from Fullerton,hmmmmm.....

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