Sunday, November 25, 2007

Plain, plain L.A.Z.Y

Haven't been updating anything since a month ago...have been taking pictures, just not posting them here, haha. :P

I do have intention of posting the pix when i took them, but it jus never happen. Just being plain lazy lor. I did see it coming before I started this blog, which is why I didn't start one in the first place. I was "persuaded" to start one for "A CAUSE" but ended up being my own cuz nobody else updates lor..."helloooo where r e rest of e ppl??" n so this resulted in a rarely updated boorrring...*yawn*

Feeling a little bit decided to come in n do a post, jus to show tt there's still some life around here. :p

Life's pretty eventful recently: birthdays, Great Eastern Run (my first run since 2.4KM loooong time ago),Zhihan & Hwee Yee's wedding, learning I-Ching, attending Mind of a Millionaire Seminar, n upcoming, a trip to HKG.

The Mind of a Millionaire Seminar is a pretty interesting event, definitely an eye-opener to me. It's interesting to observe how the speakers hype everyone up n sell their ideas. It's amazing they get people grabbing their tickets at minimum S$250 per seat to hear them sell. Though i think most of the stuff taught can be found in the book itself, I do gain quite a bit in this event. At the very least, everyone's motivation level gets pumped up quite a bit while having some fun. That, in itself, is a good thing. :) Gotta get up real early tomorrow to attend the final day of this seminar - even earlier than when i go to work lor....(obviously I'm not very motivated by them...haha) Hope I will gain some insights on how to become a MM - multi-millionaire...wahahhahah


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lilaclilies said...

i tink u shd just take ownership of this as ur own blog...