Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Price of Beauty

I have always wondered at the price ppl will pay for beauty. Not to mention the pain that comes along with it. Ouch.

Botox, lasik, liposuction, cosmetic surgery, braces.

And I surprised myself too, by adding to the statistics.

Finally made the move to go to a dentist to do the deed. Man, isn't it expensive sia. N its gonna be a long-term "suffering" too. Dentist said i had to do a minor surgery to remove some muscle between my 2 front teeth before the braces can go on and this will cost another freaking S$500. Dat's one BKK trip lor. N frankly speaking, I'm quite apprehensive bout the surgery - scared of pain, although i have a rather high tolerence for it. Had put it off till next week, cuz I'm having slight nasal congestion and afraid my constant act of expelling phlem will hinder the healing of the wound.

Only did some polishing plus filling up of a cavity for today, plus having some rubber bits stuck in between my teeth so as to get some gap for the braces. Man, I hate the feel of the drill on my cavity. I'm starting to understand why people actually fear/dislike going to the dentist already.

I'm starting to treasure the days of chewing & munching on everything and anything without a thought. Very soon, I won't be able to do that. And I still ask myself now and then, do I really wan to go through this?

All for beauty's sake. Oh, and perhaps more. :p

P.S: oh yeah, that's my side profile u see. =)

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