Sunday, December 7, 2008

Of gatherings and food

Have been meeting up many people in this 2 weeks and have been trying out stuff I've never had before - quite a bit of Japanese food in fact. It's one of my fav food and I think I can have that everyday and not tire of it.

With Elvie @ Raffles City:
My sandwich from Canele- they have an updated menu now with more food items than before - worth a try.

With FY & Xinyi @ Tampopo, LiangCourt, before 5-hour long KTV session:
Before the food:

Swordfish sashimi

My Hokaido ramen with aji tama- so so only. Sun with Moon has a better version i think.

The black pig shabu shabu original ramen is pretty good. I should have ordered this instead.

With Medha @ Tonkichi, Isetan Scotts:

Ladies set - definitely not for one with a dainty appetite. Tonkichi is not really for me, all fried stuff.

With Widi, Hernanto, little Danielle and Widi @ Akashi, Paragon:

Food at Akashi is pretty good and reasonably priced - no queues on Saturday afternoon. Realised I did not take a photo of my food but i think I'm quite off taking pictures for the moment, now that i have a lousy camera phone. Sucks. But I had to take a picture of little Danielle of course, so cute!

With Serina and Weiming@ Orchard on Saturday:

As usual, my camera phone can't do justice to the picture - sigh, i just can't stop griping about that..

We tried out Waraku's new restaurant concept at Starhub centre for dinner:

Why is my food not here yet?

Cabonara on hotplate -yum!

Okonomiyaki with noodles

Potato Mentai

The potent deep fried garlic that gave Weiming a nasty shock and a lingering after-taste that lasted one coke float, 2 strong mints and another good 2 to 3 hours......

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