Saturday, April 12, 2008


Celebrated Henry's b'day tonite at Aerin's. Pretty good food I would say but we didn't order the desserts, so I didn't get to try out the desserts there.... have to make it another time. Had desserts at Menotti after Henry & Crystal left. By 9.30pm, the desserts were almost all gone - good proof that they are really good. So, it's really sly of them to offer desserts at half price after 10.00pm, cuz you're likely never going to have a chance to enjoy the offer.

Grilled Chicken with mashed potato

Lamb rump with pita bread -pretty good but i thot it tasted like duck :p

My spaghetti vongole - aglio olio style - just the way i like it!

Menotti desserts with fancy Italiano names that doesn;t tell us what we are eating. If I told you i had Diplomatica - will you know what's that?! (clockwise from top) Sofliato - which is like warm choc cake, apple strudel and gelato are the ones with the familiar names.

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