Sunday, April 6, 2008

Braced myself for 2 years of hassle and ulcers

Today is the 3rd day of having my top row of braces on. Already I'm starting to get ulcers at the side of my mouth which rubs against the little screws on the braces. Well, at the very least, i dun feel any tightness in my teeth, probably the dentist didn't really tighten it.

Its a good thing actually. I still get to eat almost what I want to eat, which is important. I lost weight due to the gum surgery and i am distraught. It's already bad enough losing weight, it's worse when people look at you in disgust and exclaim: "eeee, you're so skinny?!" It makes me feel like I'm some alien lor. You think i wan meh? If you ask me, I think its worse being too skinny than fat. At least when you are fat, nobody will ever look at you in disgust and say, " eeee, you're so fat!" Grrrrrr.....

Dun worry, everybody. It's in my personal interests to gain back the weight I've lost and look normal again. Just give me some time. =)

Some proof that I have been indulging:

Sorry the pix is rather small, can't make it any bigger though i increased the image size. So here's the description:
1. caramalised banana cake wif ice-cream (a wrong order by the blur waiter)
2. apple crumble & amaretto
3. duck confit quiche
4. waffles with caramalised banana & ice-cream - the right order!
5. opera

All nice!!

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