Sunday, June 8, 2008


I served my last day at HT last Tuesday and waited to start on my new job. It was a short but nice break. So busy, I didn't really have time to rest or even find time to have a haircut, which was long overdue. But I had fun. Went Mambo for the first time in sooo many years only to realise that I have aged. Hahaha, or maybe it's the lousy DJ which was spinning trash. Having a jug of housepour showering my feet didn't help either. I seem to get drenched quite often these days, I wonder why. Very disappointed, I muz go again another day since I didn't get to enjoy myself.

In good timing, the long awaited Reiki course happened this weekend, just in time before I start on the next page in my career. It was a great experience, magical even. Well, there's no way I can explain how I get healing powers in my hands just after some ritual which made no sense to me. Well, most people will find it unbelievable, but I will say feeling it is believing. There are some things that cannot be explained logically, so just take it as it is. Things are so much simpler when you dun ask so many questions.

Started on new job this week at new office. Nice change & yes, i ended back at at Suntec again. Back in civillisation, which means more shopping- dangerous! But so far, no damage yet. I missed the gals back at HT and the lunches n oh, the B & Js after lunch. Lunch at Suntec is boring in comparison but i shouldn't be complaining. Sometimes, having limited choice is a good thing - you decide faster. :p my last B&J at HT ----->

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