Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The week after the fabulous Long Weekend

Following the string of interesting stuff I did last week, I had a pretty eventful week too, including getting drenched by the Keppel Road "BIG SPLASH". Truely an experience of a lifetime..............

Caught the movie with Serina n Xinyi on Tues. Nice movie n it's nt becoz he's handsome ok.....catch if u can :)

Fish N Chips & the yummy value-for-$$ Oxtail from WheelWagon @ Greenwood Avenue

The sua-kus in us chanced upon the famous LANA Cake --- orrr so it's at Greenwood Avenue.....It's moist and fluffy - like a chocolately pandan cake. You can eat lots of it before you can get sick of cake.

Day and Night view of the "Big Slash" @ Keppel Road looking harmless. When the waves hit, you can run but you can't hide.

Farewell Party for me and 2 other colleagues at Mt. Faber Safra KTV.

Japanese food for dinner on our weekend - We never fail to take pictures during our meals. :p

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