Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Fabulous weekend....wiiii !!

Had a wonderful long weekend packed wif fun activities. Soo0 tired that I slept the day away on Vesak day but it was really fun :)

Checked out St. Regis with Serina, WM & Xinyi on Saturday. Super posh!! & needless to say, we took lots of pictures.

Checked out ballrooms at St. Regis & Four Seasons but unfortunately, we have to return another day to view the one at Raffles Hotel. Work of a wedding planner is no piece of cake but I'm lucky to have an assistant who snaps the pictures and take note of the details for me. :p Popped back to Cartier before dinner. No pictures 'cuz I was too tired and 'cuz The Photographer has left for her dinner appointment. Ended the nite with a great KTV session with JY, wife, Henry & GF.

Yay! Sunday's another great day with great company. Tried KFC breakfast for the first time and i quite like it. It's available only at selected outlets, so much so that many people are actually not aware that KFC serves breakfast. Try it if you have the chance! Crazy crowd queuing for LRT tix to Sentosa at VIVO that we had to apply for the Islander card to beat the crowd. Hasn't everybody flocked to Genting and Batam? And why did the rest choose to go to Sentosa, of all places?!! Urrrggh...Aniway, managed to gain back some colour after baking in the hot sun. Happy :)

Headed for Jesline's place after a session at Nibbles. Had my first chance to play on Wiii. And it is fun! Ended up with slight muscle ache the next day, but it's so fun. Interested to attempt Cooking MaMa on Wiii sooon....haha....

If every weekend was this good.......

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