Thursday, July 24, 2008

Excursion to the Zoo

When i tell my friends i went to the zoo, I get stunned expressions and responses like "for wat?!" Huh.........go zoo of course go see animals lah. The zoo is actually not as big as I tot it would be. We finished e place, or at least most of the animals in about 3 hours. And I muz say it was a pretty fun trip, very informative too: Do you know that polar bears actually have black skin?
And can you differentiate between a jaguar and a leopard? I'll probably never find out if I didn't go to the zoo and oh, the zoo has a "golden tortoise" too!

I'll recommend a visit if you haven't been there for a long time. It's good to feel like a kid again!

The tall one

The star tortoise and its friend

Catwalk - this is really where the term came from

Let me tell you the story of "The Green Elephant".........

The beautiful but deadly rattlesnake

The meercat on guard duty, who was very bored. Very, very bored.

The real Zebra-crossing

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