Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lost & Found.....finally

Hehe....was so elated to finally find out yesterday where my fav. pork chop rice stall has relocated to.

It totally made my day, considering i had a terrible morning with a serious-wardrobe crisis - which resulted in me being very late and so, a cab expenditure of $14. You can well see the serious repercussions of a wardrobe crisis on me - so i need new clothes to prevent the crisis from striking again and causing me emotional imbalance and huge losses in terms of transport expenditure. :p

Anyway, I am still feeling happy bout finding my long-lost pork-chop rice today,wahhaha. So you can see, it is really easy to make me happy. Lalala~

I'm already gathering people to share my joy wif me. So if you wanna go eat pork-chop rice too, do jio me along k.......

Yay, yay, yay................. :)

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