Saturday, October 18, 2008

Old HongKong

Chanced upon this restaurant in Square2 when mum, sis n me were looking for a place for late lunch. Serves dim sum and Cantonese dishes. Prices are comparative to Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasures but the menu is quite extensive and they have quite a lot more variety for drinks compared to Crystal Jade. According to my sis, they do have some authentic HKG dishes that is not so commonly found in S'pore except probably at the pricer /HC restaurants.

We ordered a few dishes cuz we decided we should not be greedy and over order - which was a good choice cuz we were reasonably full at the end of the meal and very happy :) Here are the pictures:

The snack - this is already impressive cuz other restaurants just serve only peanuts or achar....Look at the pretty side plates!

The steamed rice with chicken, mushroom and chinese sausage - this was pretty normal, nothing to shout about.

Pan-fried carrot cake with XO sauce.

Pig stomach soup with preserved veg. Those who know me well enough will know that I'm sold whenever there's salted veg, egg or fish in the dish, I just had to order this. The pepper in the soup was not overpowering like some others and you could actually taste the saltiness of the preserved veg in the soup. Yum. U can be sure not one drop of soup was left. I could drink a few bowls myself.

We also ordered har gow and custard buns. The har gow was pretty good but the star of the meal was the custard buns. These are no ordinary custard buns but SALTED egg yolk custard bun which are absoutely to-die-for. These buns are supposed to have molten custard fillings that will oooze out when u bite into them, droolz...... Unfortuately, i was busy with the other dishes that when I got to the bun, it has turned cold and the filling had solidified but still yummy otherwise. Imagine how it will be when it's hot!

And all the above for S$36, which I thought was pretty reasonable. This place is worth checking out and if u're interesIed, it's tucked in one of e corners behind the Sakae sushi shop on either the 2nd or 3rd floor. I muz return again so as to do justice to the custard when they're pipping hot!

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