Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still more of London

Friday is the day of saying goodbyes......It's Audrey's last day as well. Quite a surprise that she's leaving cuz she joined about the same time I did. I quite like her really. We all left office early today for drinks at Red, the bar round the corner. Super sunny day it was, but the guys wanted a seat outside to enjoy the sun.......sigh, they haven't tried being in the sun everyday.....

This was taken at a supplier's warehouse and that's my colleague, Ken in the picture. See how small he is in the pix! There's archive files on the left and storage crates on the right. Super big, I felt really small standing right there.

Last day of my trip, I took a train to London to meet Mingzong, lugging my luggage up and down steps at the train station and tube. Not that bad, I did not get lost. :p

Sign on the opposite platform says "Welcome to Weybridge", but I'm sad!

Mingzong was late due to some subway train fault - and that's pretty common there. I made my way over to the library based on his directions to wait for him.That's the British Library at King's Cross station. The building reminds me of TianAnMen Square somehow....

That's Newton doing his Maths homework in the library....:p

This is the start of the ultra shortcut sightseeing tour courtesy of Mingzong. Mind you, it was a very good one, no less. You'll find out why as we go along. We started with a tour around the CBD area with all the banks.......

This is a shopping area but it's Saturday afternoon in the CBD, so shops are not opened. No shopping for me :(

That's 3 relatively iconic buildings in London: Lloyds building on the left - a cold, metal structure that looks totally out of place in London; that's the Gherkin in the centre- yeah, it got its name from how it looks, like a gherkin but I think it looks quite cute. And the third building on the right- I dunno what building it is but it is also one of the few in London that have a modern look.

Ladies and Gentlemen, can you guess where this is?

Oh yeah, that's just it. You would have though it looked a bit more grand that that -The Bridge that we all have cursed to fall since we were young. To think we still sang it so happily, evil leh. And oh, for the record, I was told the Bridge has actually fell twice before, this is the 3rd one. So actually, the song works......oopz.

And there is Tower Bridge in the background....taken on London Bridge :)

I think Millenium bridge has a nice design and the view on both ends are really good. You have the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral on one end........

And the Tate Modern Gallery on the other end.....

Sunset captured on Millenium Bridge

Pictures of St. Paul's cathedral from different directions. Super big building.

This was a little patissiere shop near St Paul's Cathedral that was called Paul. Erm, no relation to the church but it has really good hot chocolate and huge yummy macarons.

This is obviously a resturant opened by a Singaporean. Wat a name!

This is the last pix i took before we head for dinner at a small but cosy Japanese restaurant. And all the places were covered in about an hour and a half, wat a rush! It was generally a tour of London's bridges and a few other must-sees and given the limited time I had, it was quite a lot covered. Dinner was simple Japanese soup udon with tempura and sashimi so I didn;t take any pix. But the food was really good. Left for the airport right after dinner, and made it all in good time for my flight.

Yep, everyone said it's a pity I didn't extend my stay, go shopping...etc...but i didn't really think so. I had really enjoyed myself this trip. Afterall, I had a very different experience since I was staying in the countryside which was so beautiful. Anyway, I'll have opportunities to return again next year and I'll be sure to extend my stay the next time round. Anyone wants to join me for London trip 2009?

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