Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More of London

Thursday was a pretty fun day, cuz I was almost out of office the whole time. Was out with my cute colleague on a survey the whole morning and then went to visit one of the company's key accounts in the afternoon with one of the bosses - just only because they wanted to show me how amazing this office was. Really, I haven't seen any offices like this. I'll say it looked more like some rich man's mansion than an office.

That's just the exterior. The interior was gorgeous. We had our meeting in a boardroom which was more like a family room with a bar counter, a billiard table at another corner, huge comfy sofas and armchairs that seem capable of swallowing me whole when I sat down. Furnishings were rather elaborate, I suppose you call it Victorian styled furnishing? Plush! It makes me feel like a tai-tai immediately. I was too shy to ask to take a pix of the room but below pix i found online should give you a pretty good idea :p

Left the office earlier with the gals to catch a train to town. We were off to catch "Dirty Dancing" at the theatres, so exciting!

A pix of the train we took to Waterloo Station.

Now I'm really in London! That's Waterloo station from across the street - Waterloo is like the CBD area of London.

The River Thames from OXO Tower - where we were to have our dinner before the musical.

As you can see, it was a good day with quite a bit of sun :)

Me, Susannah and Emma at the resturant on level 8 of OXO Tower with our cocktails while waiting for dinner.

Views from OXO Tower.

That's Waterloo bridge, one of the many bridges you will see in London

Now for food! This place is somehow affiliated to Harvey Nichols. Menu leans more towards fusion food. (Check out the place: My starter dish of seared rare beef was absolutely heavenly. Someone commented it looked like a garden. :)

Emma's starter of artichoke.

Susannah's starter of tiger prawns

My main course of scallops with Thai red curry and salad

Emma and Susannah both had 28-day aged Angus beef which tastes as good, (and as expensive) as it looked....yummy!

N off to watch the musical - Dirty Dancing! Nothing really RA about the show, just to let you know, in case you have not seen the movie before and dunno wat's it about. Nice retro show with lots of cool dancing but it just doesn't get to me. No tunes got stuck to my head after watching it. I suspect I might enjoy Mama Mia more but then again, I didn't have to pay for it! It was all fun anyway - have always wanted to watch a musical in London for the feel of it.

Theatres in London seem to be rather casual - people dress casually and you actually can bring food and drinks into the theatre. They even sell ice-cream inside, during intervals! It's more like going to the cinemas.

Streets of London - the night pictures suck terribly. Just dunno how to work my sis' camera properly plus new phone just CMI. Oh, I am now really feeling very very sorry for not bringing my SE phone, damn.

By the time we were out from the show, shops were all closed and I could only window shop. Sigh. Went for a round of drinks around the area before heading off for home. Took the tube back to Waterloo to switch onto a train for Weybridge. Doesn't it looks like what you see at the airport? This screen shows the departure timings for the trains to various directions and respective platforms the trains will be at. So there will be a lot of people standing around staring at the screen waiting for the Platform number to be flashed. Funny thing is, the platform numbers will not be displayed on screen until minutes before the train comes. As soon as that happen, you will see a mad rush as people start rushing towards a particular direction for their trains cuz some platforms may be a distance away...... Can't they think of something better than that? Think they enjoy making people run for their trains. So strange right?

It was about 1am when i arrived back in hotel. Super long day, I'm so sleepy! Took a pix of the brochure before i went to sleep.

to be continued..............

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