Monday, September 22, 2008

I love London

This is a trip of many "first times".

First time I......

travelled on an A380
took such a long flight & alone too
experienced a terrible flight delay of 15 hrs ( oh yes, the delay was due to the A380...phui....)
have been to London
haven't bought a single thing on an overseas trip
had a ride in a Porsche...weeeee.....

Stranded passengers of the bloody A380 in the waiting area - see the people sleeping on the ground? They are probably the people who had 18 hours of transit time between their flight from Australia/ NZ before they had to deal with this delay. My heart goes out to them.

Other than the delay, everything was great. Weather was really nice n cool too - i even had some sun, which they told me was rare in London. I muz have brought the sun over from S'pore, they said...haha. Hotel was nice, although ulu, with a king size bed all to myself. Get driven to n fro work by a cute colleague in an Audi n do very little work. Went out with colleagues to see clients and suppliers n basically waste a lot of time on the road cuz you practically drive a long way to get anywhere, we were in Surrey afterall. What a nice way to work, I could do it everyday. :p

View from my window

Hotel grounds - I know it sounds dumb, but the grass is really greener there.

Was taken out to dinner on Tuesday night at an Italian restaurant called Cambio. That was when my boss picked me up from the hotel in his Porsche, first time i had such a fast ride, so exciting! The restaurant was a nice place with great ambience. Food was nice too, though i found the main course a tad too salty.

The whole gang from work. It's kinda blur cuz i took it with my new phone. I really should have brought my trusty K800i with me instead. I so regret it but it's ok. I'll be back again.

My lobster tagliolini - looks great but really too salty.

My colleague's tagliatelle was much better, although it did not look that good.

Went to visit a client who was moving that day. Poor couple was evicted as the landlord's place was re-possessed by the bank. They had to move to a smaller apartment further down the road. Here I am taking pictures as my colleague and the client were downstairs. :p

Generally, houses look like this in London, so nice.

And flowers look absolutely fake.

Alright, need to sleep le. It's back to reality tomorrow, boohoo..... Will be posting more pictures soon!

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