Sunday, September 23, 2007


Checked out JY's Friend's ice-cream palour after dinner cuz Henry wanted to give us a treat. Business seemed quite good for a Thursday nite at 10pm. Ice-cream were home-made and the flavours were quite interesting.....nutella, horlicks, banana coffee, jasmine, milo, tiramisu, green tea with red bean, teh tarik, black sesame n was there chempadek?....etc.

Verdict - nt bad. Fav were the banana coffee and horlicks. Price is rather reasonable too, wif a 8-scoop deal at 17.90. Think we were greedy and ordered too many scoops for just 5 of us. Dat's y I felt i didn;t realli enjoyed the icecream - didn;t do justice to it, guilty man. Shall go back again.

Though i shouldn;t be saying this when he treated us the ice-cream but here's Henry tryin to imitate the cute smiles of the eskis on the glass:

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