Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sun With Moon @ Central

Had dinner at Sun With Moon with my colleagues on Thursday. Great food n great company......kinda made up for e crappy times at work these 2 months.

Presentation of the food was really pretty, jus check out the sashimi - simply tastes as good as it looks.

The oysters.....muz try!

Grilled beef with foie gras.....

And how elaborate can chawanmushi get??? Well....actualli if it costs S$7.80 for one had better looked this way. It's realli realli "slides-down -your-thoat" smooth....

The grilled stuff. Kushi mori, presented like ikebana, with the sticks stuck onto a piece of sweet potato and the wonderful tepanyaki beef tenderloin cubes.

The hokkaido seafood "claypot" rice was nice but u can give the kani (crab) one a miss.....So boring till i stopped once i finished my crab meat which was the only redeeming factor of this dish. And you can give the soba a miss too. Not fantastic.

Desserts didn;t disappoint at all. The tofu cheesecake that came in a birdcage was heavenly. The birdcage was quite an innovative presentation idea. It led us into a brain-storming session of "birdcage ideas" while we finished up the green tea tiramisu and the branded sweet potato tart thingy named "Mont Blanc". Both were nice as well but i liked the cheesecake the most.

Overall it was a truly great place to dine at, especially so when the bill's on company's acccount...haha.

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