Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mooncake Congress 2007

Event: Mooncake Congress 2007
Venue: Sunplaza Park
Official Car: Lamborgini :p
Date: One bo-liao Saturday nite just before Mid-autumn Festival
Attendees: One bo-liao group of people with "arsonistic" tendencies (pls see proof:

Attendees were told to bring along a lantern and JUST ONE mooncake but response was overwhelming! Almost everyone bought ONE BOX so there was waaaay too many mooncakes for just about 12 people! Faintz..... Event was graced by many highly acclaimed n renowned brands with the likes of Goodwood Park,Intercontinental, Fullerton, Bakerzin, and not to mention, some lesser known but equally yummy brands like Marc & Leonard - courtesy of Mr & Mrs Sim.

Finishin ALL the mooncake was mission impossible but we did try to sample all the flavours. I think among us, we had each taken about one mooncake each, with all the different flavours combined....scary sia....So it was a good thing we had a BIG POT of TEA to aid in digestion. (sorry, forgot to take pix of the BIG POT of TEA)

The event was most successful, with its primary objective (to burn lanterns) well met - see ghostly pix of burning lanterns below:

Next time this thing is going to happen - nobody should be bringing mooncakes other than the organiser. Overdosage on mooncakes is not fun at all.

Look out for the next up-coming event: BBQ @ PA Holiday Flats......

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